Dr. Judith Albrecht


Judith Albrecht received her Master’s degree in social anthropology, Latin American Studies and Sociology at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and gained her doctorate there in 2011. She has worked as a Social anthropologist in Germany and abroad since 2003, lecturing at a number of different universities and colleges. In 2002 she completed a Master’s degree in Documentary Filmmaking at the Filmwerkstatt Münster, and since 2003 has also worked freelance as a documentary filmmaker. Currently she is part of the Research Project “Multimodal appreciation: Prototypes for the evaluation and institutionalization of more-than-textual ethnography” at Humboldt University Berlin.

She draws from many years of research experience in East Africa (Tanzania in particular), Iran, Libya, Germany, and the United States. The thematic focus of her work is gender visual anthropology, social movements, conflict and memory, violence, transnationalism and diaspora research. The underlying focus of her work is the changing social realities and practices among individuals and groups in relation to political upheavals, religious radicalization, globalization, and migration. Her ethnographic research work over the last 6 years focuses on “grief, trauma and social justice in Germany”. Judith Albrecht is one of the chief editors of  the encounter blog and magazine, spokesperson of the AG Public Anthropology and founder of the Bagamoyo Film Collective (Tanzania/Germany). Started as a student exchange at the intersection of shared postcolonial heritage and transcultural filmmaking the collective has produced around ten short films. Currently, she is working in the research project “Multimodal appreciation” at Humboldt University Berlin.