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University of Münster

The University of Münster has a diverse research profile and offers a wide range of degree programs, trainings and seminars with an interdisciplinary orientation. The close connection of theory and practice ensures that students are optimally prepared for future challenges in business and science and are supported in the development of their personal and professional competencies.

Professional School

The Professional School of the University of Münster focuses on part-time studies (Master’s/MBAs) and further education and qualification for working people. We stand for the connection of science and practice and focus on the needs of working professionals.

We offer a diverse portfolio of professional development in over ten sectors, with work-based programs, certificates, courses and training for professionals, junior executives and managers. Our formats are flexible and modular, so that they are compatible with working life. Our highly qualified lecturers enable the transfer of knowledge to different professional fields. Our services are rounded off by individual consultations.

Diverse portfolio

Our professional programs include 17 Master’s and MBA programs in a variety of disciplines. Our interdisciplinary continuing education programs focus on scientific principles and their transfer into practice. The interdisciplinary orientation of our seminars enables our participants to further develop themselves in different professional fields in a research- and application-oriented manner and to strengthen their personal profile.

Flexible formats

Our programs are holistically designed to meet the needs of working professionals. They are delivered in a modular form, mainly as multi-day block seminars on a weekly or weekend basis. Our diverse teaching and learning methods in small groups of up to 25 participants enable us to cater for the different learning preferences, careers and educational backgrounds of our seminar participants.

Never stop learning

Highly qualified lecturers

Our part-time master & MBA programs, seminars and courses bring together renowned professors and experienced practitioners. Through our combination of academic and practical orientation, our lecturers help participants to make the link between academic principles and current, job-related issues. In this way, our participants develop a wide range of skills for their professional and personal development.

Individual consultations

We want our students to achieve their personal goals and successfully complete their part-time education. That is why our Program Coordination offers individual support on the way to the internationally recognized academic degree “Master” or “MBA” of the University of Münster. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the admissions,  programs, and the organization of your studies.

Studying in Münster

One fifth of Münster’s 300,000 inhabitants are students at one of its eight universities, of which the University of Münster is by far the largest. The university’s campuses, faculties and libraries are spread across the city and shape its image.

The Professional School is located in the heart of Münster and is easily accessible by public transport, as are the nearby cafés and restaurants.

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