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One fifth of Münster's 300,000 inhabitants are students at one of its ten universities, of which the University of Münster is by far the largest. Students shape life and culture in Münster, creating a diverse and lively student city.
The beautiful old town, the picturesque harbour, the numerous sports and leisure facilities, the wide range of cultural activities and the versatile bar and pub scene attract many young people to Münster to study. And those who have been here once will come back again!

We asked our employees which places in and around Münster make the city so worth living in and have compiled a list of places which are always worth a visit.

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The City Harbour

"In contrast to the historical buildings of the city centre, you will find renewed warehouses and modern architecture in the City Harbour. During the day, it's always worth visiting the free art gallery or the studios of the art academy - it's not for nothing that the harbour is also called Kreativkai (Creative Dock). In the evening, I like to end the day with a cool drink on the harbour wall or in a café in the lively harbour district.”

Jannis Wegmann

Study Coordinator for the Master Data Science and Business Consultancy

The Prinzipalmarkt

"Münster's most famous landmark is not only an impressive place to shop and linger during the day. After dark, the Prinzipalmarkt shows a completely different side. The streets are emptier and the gabled houses and Lamberti Church are illuminated. This creates a very special atmosphere. When the lights are reflected in the cobblestones, wet from the rain, you know why Prinzipalmarkt is the most beautiful street in Münster!”

Maren Triem

Project Manager in Congress Management

The weekly market in the Cathedral Square

"Every Wednesday and Saturday, the weekly market takes place in the Cathedral Square. It's not only a great place to buy local food and flowers, but also a great place to linger. For lunch with friends, you can always find something to eat at one of the market booths. A special tip for cheese lovers: Try the cheese bag at the weekly market. For a small amount of money you get a random selection of different delicious cheeses. There's always something new to try!”

Sarah Anthe

Study coordinator for the MBA Management in Medicine and Higher Education and Science Management

The Botanical Garden

"The Botanical Garden of the university is a little trip around the world on the edge of the city centre. Just behind the castle, you can discover the flora of Australia, succulents from the semi-deserts of the USA and Mexico or plants from the high mountains. The garden is free to enter and is always a nice place for a spontaneous break. Of course, my camera is also there with the variety of beautiful plants!”

Julian Meyer

Social Media and Marketing Manager

The Rieselfelder

"The area around Münster offers some really great cycling opportunities. The ride to the Rieselfelder nature reserve is one of my favourite rides on my road bike! You can explore the area by bike or foot, climb the lookout tower and finish with a coffee in the local pub".

Christiane Borgmann

Head of Congress Management

The Kreuzstrasse

"For a nice and varied evening with friends, I'm always drawn to Kreuzstraße. Here you can find pubs next to pubs or ‘academic beer houses’ as some of them are called. After a delicious dinner, it's easy to go from door to door for a beer or two. I always love the colourful facades and the view of the Überwasserkirche!”

Lucia Schmidt

Student Assistant in Congress Management

The Wienburg Park

"When I want to get away from it all, I like to come to the Wienburg Park - also known as the Nordpark. I can walk through the park for hours and still have not seen everything. I think it`s exciting how the park manages to balance a retreat for animals and plants with large areas for recreational use. In terms of leisure, I like to find one of the picnic or barbecue areas with my friends and relax for the evening.”

Michael Zylla

Study coordinator for the MBA in Retail Management

The Hafenkiosk

"The Hafenkiosk on Hansaring is a great place to take a break. Especially in summer I like to meet friends here and enjoy the harbour atmosphere. A cold shandy is a must! On particularly warm days I like to go down to the canal for a swim.”

Laetitia Keune

Student Assistant in the Marketing Team

Coffee break at Wolbecker Straße

"For a good breakfast or a coffee break, I'm always drawn to Wolbecker Strasse. There are several cafés here that invite you to take a break. Whether it's breakfast, brunch or a mid day snack, it's easier to study after a bagel and a latte macchiato. But I also like to come here with friends during the semester break to play Uno and relax.”

Ida Wagner

Student Assistant in Congress Management