Dr. Martin Gruber


Martin Gruber works as an anthropologist and filmmaker at the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen. Currently Martin conducts ethnographic research on the relationships between humans and honeybees in Cameroon, Japan and Germany. He teaches social and visual anthropology on undergraduate and graduate levels. Martin studied Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths College, London and Social Anthropology at Hamburg University. He worked as a freelance filmmaker and researcher before completing a PhD on “participatory ethnographic filmmaking” at the University of Bremen in 2013. Martin’s research interests are audio-visual research methods, ethnographic film, collaborative research, urban anthropology, political ecology and human-animal relationships with a focus on bees. Martin has conducted long-term ethnographic research in West Africa, Southern Africa, Bremen and Hamburg. Martin recently published the handbook Sharing the Camera: A Guide to Collaborative Ethnographic Filmmaking.